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Thank you for your interest. Greetings Timo

The Customizer was a software I developed in 2020 that allowed you to customize the AtmosFX videos to your own personal needs, such as adjusting the height difference between the faces of the AtmosFX pumpkins.

Since 2021, the Customizer was embedded directly in my website. The processing of your videos took place directly in the browser. Your videos were not uploaded! Since 2023, an independent site,, has taken over the tasks of the Customizer.

What were the functions of the program?

Pumpkin Prop Customizer

Before=> After

Simply enter the height of each pumpkin into the software. The program will calculate the relative height difference and realign the faces.

Customized video

Fast Video Assembler

With this tool you can easily concatenate the videos from AtmosFX!

Boo Crew Coloring

Original video

With this tool you can change the color of the ghosts

Customized video

How do I get the Customizer now?

Since 2023, an independent site,, has taken over the tasks of the Customizer.

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General info
Registered users: 270
Matched videos: 955
Connected videos: 3015 to 283
New usersTotal users
2020: 1062020: 106
2021: 1292021: 235
2022: 352022: 270

System requirements

The Customizer worked in the following browsers (all information without guarantee):


Data protection is important to me

I care very much about the privacy of the users. Therefore, all login data is stored on a server within the EU and will never be shared with third parties. The program does not perform any analyses of the executing PC system during use. However, in order to record misuse of the software and problems, all connections with the server are logged on the server side.


The data processing can be revoked at any time by sending an informal mail to